Friday, May 6, 2011

Social Media and Your Business

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube…the BIG THREE in my opinion.

Your small (or large) business can more easily engage the masses than you think, and it all starts by staking your claim in the Social Media world!

Gone are the days of the website mentions on TV commercials and billboards. More and more, companies are choosing to connect and communicate via social media. instead of the company website, you see “” and the like. Large companies have begun to play the game, and all businesses should. Not sure you can compete with the big boys on the SM battlefield? Think again! One of the great things about marketing your businesses using SM is that the playing field is level. All that matters is what you put into it, and at the moment that involved ZERO financial investment. With just the investment of your time, you can reap generous rewards in the way of sales, referrals, and new business.

The world of marketing has changed! No longer is it a dog eat dog world, it has become who has the cutest puppy. How many followers do you have on Twitter? How many people like your business or non-profit page on Facebook? How many views do your YouTube videos have? These are what matter most in the Marketing World now.

It doesn’t matter what the answer to those questions above is for your situation. You may be sitting there, having never begun. There is no time like the present! Whenever you engage in SM Marketing, it’s important to remember what makes SM work! It’s SOCIAL stupid! Engage, interact, provide value. Don’t become noise on your SM accounts. People learn to tune noise out! For many of us, we have our own personal accounts, and had them long before we had a business account. Stop and remember why you started to engage in the first place. If you do, and if you invest your time wisely in SM, there is no doubt you’ll see results.

If it helps, just remember YOU-TWIT-FACE. No, not calling names….just an easy reminder of the big three your business should be utilizing to boost brand recognition.

Now go be social…

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