Monday, May 9, 2011

Early Fundraising

It's been said that in a political campaign, early money is like helps raise the dough! You can't raise money if you don't have it.

So what is a simple strategy for raising money in the very early stages of your campaign?

Look to family, friends, colleagues and others who you're close to. These people will normally contribute to your campaign simply because they know you personally and believe in you. This is a great place to begin, and you'll often be surprised by how much you can raise by starting here.

Set a goal for each person in your mind, or on paper, for how much you think they could contribute. Then make the call and ASK THEM! Don't talk your way around the request, just make the ask and then wait for a response.

Raising money early in your campaign is also a strategic move! It shows potential donors, the media, and other candidates that you're serious. This will attract the attention of other contributors in no time. So you see the meaning of the phrase? Simply put, early money attracts more money (raises the dough).

Every campaign, regardless of size or office, requires money to send it's message to the voters. Fundraise early, and often!

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