Sunday, May 8, 2011

Micro-Target with Twitter

Twitter is an excellent micro-targeting tool if you know how to use it!

By searching local trend on the Twitter desktop site you can see what the trending conversation is in your area. In addition, you can also search tweets in a local geographical area.

Why does this matter?

It matters a great deal! You can easily see what is going on in your area, or any area you choose to view. It also allows you to see who the twitter "influencers" are in your area. Finding them and connecting with them is a great first start to building a solid twitter base for your campaign or business.

Another nice thing about these tools is that they allow you to view the conversation about YOU! Not always does a Tweep use you or your company's @username. You could be missing valuable feedback and comments about. Your product / campaign and not even know it. You can also catch this by doing a simple search for your candidates name or business name. Often times you'll get back results you have never seen before because that @username wasn't included in the tweet.

Later Tweeps!

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